My 15 Minutes of Fame

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been a guest on a few podcasts or websites about e-books or the RPG hobby. If you’re curious to hear what I sound like when I talk (a dork) or want a better idea of what I’m really like (a dork), then give these little slices of my life a try.


  • The Writing Show – On June 20, 2006 I was interviewed by Paula B for her podcast The Writing Show. The interview was released on July 31. In this interview, which ran just under an hour, I wax loquacious about the past, present, and future of e-books. You can download the episode to your iPod or listen to it on your computer. Don’t bother if you’re on dialup though– the MP3 file is 65 MB. I sound like a dork.
  • Accidental Survivors – At the end of October 2006, I was interviewed by the crew with podcast Accidental Survivors. The interview was released on October 31. In this horror-themed show, I talk with the guys about what makes for a good horror game, sources of inspiration for your game, and more. You can download the episode to your iPod or listen to it on your computer.
  • Fist Full of Comics & GamesBack in mid-December (2006) I mentioned a podcast interview I did with Fist Full of Comics and Games. I’m pleased to say that they have posted the interview. The interviewer asked well-considered questions, which made it a fun interview. Check it out and tell me what you think. It’s kind of cool that I’m on the same roster of interviewees as Terry Moore, Mira Furlan, and Joe Kubert.
  • Living 4 Crits Late KnightsA fun interview by James Walls for his Living 4 Crits video show in 2015.


  • “10 Questions” Interview – In 2006 game designer Charles Rice asked me to participate in his series of 10 question interviews with game writers and publishers. That interview is now posted on his blog, so if anyone gives a damn what I think about the state of gaming, check it out.
  • Degrees of Horrora guest essay I wrote in 2008 for the Flames Rising e-zine about the writing and game design process.
  • ETU Q&AA 2014 interview with myself and Ed Wetterman about East Texas University.

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