About Flametoad

Flametoad is the personal website for Preston DuBose, a full-time payment security professional (PCI-DSS) for higher education, a part-time RPG writer, and a full-time husband and father. I’m also a Christian, public speaker, Texas history buff, Libertarian, gamer, reader, Freemason, and gun enthusiast.

My published RPG writing includes all or parts of:

  • Bloodlines
  • Brainwashed
  • Green’s Guide to Ghosts
  • Modern Dispatch
  • East Texas University
  • Degrees of Horror
  • Rippers Resurrected: Frightful Expeditions
  • ETU Creature Feature: Skunk Ape
  • more in production

I also laid out and provided art direction for some of the titles above, and you’ll find my editing credits in Savage Worlds titles such as The Sixth Gun, Weird Wars I, and others. You can also find my short fiction in two anthologies: Buried Tales of Pinebox, Texas and Haunted: 11 Tales of Ghostly Horror. I also have an author page on Amazon.

If you read about Mrs. Flametoad or the tadpoles, I’m talking about my wife and kids. (What can I say? It’s my shtick.)  We all live somewhere in central-ish Texas. If you really need to know in greater detail than that, then ask. My e-mail address is presto @ this blog’s url.

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