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Scrivener re-revisited

02.13.14 | Comment?

If you read my post from last week about giving Scrivener another try, then first I congratulate you on being possibly the only person in the world still reading this blog.

Now that I’ve been using the software for week or two I really look back and wonder what the big deal was. This is not hard. Different? Yes. Hard? Not really. Granted, in the 9 months since I first tried it the software went through a version update. Maybe the UI was tweaked to make it more intuitive?

Looking back, I think my biggest mistake was seeing those training videos and thinking to myself “Version 1.0? Well that’s not the version I have now. I don’t want to watch a training video with out of date information. Where are the videos for the version I’m using?” (There weren’t any.) Now that I’m older and wiser, my advice is just watch the stinkin’ video already. It makes everything click.

In my other post I mentioned what a tightwad I am. I’m not qualified to tell you whether or not you’ll get $40 value from Scrivener. That’s an individual judgement. However, now that I’ve worked with the software for a while I do see the value. My advice: take advantage of their 30 day trial. That’s a generous 30 days of actual use, not a ticking clock. If you only use it once a week, your trial runs out in 30 weeks.


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