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The Last Fire Sale

04.30.10 | Comment?

12 to Midnight’s titles. After today, all Pinebox titles for the d20 System (with the exception of Modern Dispatch) will be retired for good. They’ve been for sale at 50% off all month, but tomorrow they’re going away for good.

We’re also selling our military horror titles at 50% off, and the Savaged editions of those titles will be going away for good. We plan on finding homes for the d20 System editions of those titles, but until the contracts are finalized they will be unavailable.

All our fantasy titles are at 50% off. Like the titles above, we plan on finding new homes for them but for at least the short term they won’t be available for sale. When the come back, we’ll have no control over what they’re priced. So now is a great time to stock up on the titles you’ve been missing.

Why are we doing all this? There’s a post over at 12 to Midnight, but the short answer is that Pinebox is becoming an official Pinnacle setting and we’re focusing on our core aptitude.

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