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11.05.10 | 1 Comment

This week’s election left a lot of people frothing at the mouth, and their poor attitude put me in a foul mood in turn. I wanted to rant and rave… but there’s enough of that out in the world. The media does a great job of telling us what’s wrong with each other, but it sucks at spreading good news. I guess that means it’s up to me. Here are some good things happening in the world.

With all the angst over heath care (the government isn’t doing enough/the government is doing too much), doesn’t it feel good to know that Shriners Hospitals have been providing 100% free hospital care for children in need since 1922. These hospitals are funded entirely through donations and fundraising efforts (such as their circus) of Shriners International, a fraternal outgrowth of Freemasonry.

War is indeed terrible, if sometimes necessary. Our soldiers today can take small comfort that their predecessors in WWII and Vietnam were 3 times more likely to get killed in combat than today. Medical advances, such as the heart & lung in a suitcase and quick-clotting bandages mean that even grave injuries don’t have to be deadly.

The Great State Chinese Circus employs their own unique interpretation of Swan Lake.

Right here in Brazos Valley, my local Masonic lodge is sponsoring a free community pancake breakfast on December 4 at the Wellborn Community Center. We’re also accepting toy donations as part of a local toy drive.

Billy Coffey is like an alternate universe version of me. We’re about the same age, both come from rural areas, both work for universities, and both write fiction. Whereas I fell into writing RPGs in my early 30s, Billy wrote a novel. Snow Day: A Novel was released a few weeks ago to excellent reviews. I’m taking the e-book with me on an upcoming business trip. It’s uplifting to see dreams come true.

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Comment by katdish
2010-11-06 04:56:46

Hey there. Thanks for the good news. I hope you enjoy Snow Day.

Your book looks like a great read. Going to check it out now.

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