Review: The Queen of Crows

06.04.10 | 2 Comments

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I opened Queen of Crows. I knew that the ebook consisted of a short story and some bonus content, and that the story had something to do with Native Americans… but that’s about it. I was given a copy to review, so for those of you keeping score–I didn’t have to pay for this book. Even so, with so little knowledge of what I was getting myself into, I opened the book with a certain amount of trepidation. On one hand, I knew the author– Monica Valentinelli–was more than capable of spinning a good yarn, but on the other hand I dreaded finding myself in yet another romanticized take on Native American culture wallowing in “white guilt” for the deeds of past generations.

I’m pleased to say that Monica fully delivers another great tale while altogether avoiding the pitfalls I’d feared.

As a “book”, the Queen of Crows is an interest experiment in written content. The version I read was an e-book, focused first and foremost around a short story of the same title. (More on that in a little bit.) After the story (14 pages), the book contains what one would call “bonus material” if this were a DVD. An author’s introduction immediately follows the story, and describes where the idea for the story originated and how it evolved into the version in the book. After that is a character profile, a description of the setting and how relates to a larger work called the Violet War,  and finally a copy of the original version of the story before it was reworked into the Queen of Crows.

it’s available as an ebook (watermarked PDF) at DriveThruHorror.com for only $4.99.

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Comment by Monica
2010-06-07 09:30:05

Thank you for taking the time to read and review THE QUEEN OF CROWS. Appreciate the time you spent exploring your reaction to the idea as well.

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Comment by Prest0
2010-06-07 10:07:58

You're quite welcome, Monica. I'm not sure how coherent I was, but I definitely enjoyed the book. You've gotten me intrigued about reading more from the setting.

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