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Release the Kraken!

04.27.10 | Comment?

Last night I finished reading through the completed ETU: Degrees of Horror manuscript (281 pages) and turned it over to my writing partner in crime, Ed. That means that (at least for the time being), I’m done. DONE. You’re that much closer to actually holding a copy of the book in your hands.

It also means that the floodgates are about to re-open on Flametoad. For the last three years I haven’t been able to write a post without feeling a twinge of guilt over spending the time on my blog instead of my professional writing responsibilities. Now that the manuscript is in other hands, the prodigal son is returning. As used to be the case with Flametoad, you can expect one (or sometimes more) posts a day beginning today. As before, there is no unifying theme to this blog. Expect posts ranging from serious discussions about religion and politics to jokes and silly photos. This blog is about whatever shiny thing catches my eye… and I’ve been saving a lot of shiny things to share with you.

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