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06.14.10 | Comment?

Former teen hacker turned security consultant Mike Maiffret has some interesting things to say about the relative security of Microsoft, Apple, and Adobe.

This sounds like a major medical breakthrough, to me. Researchers have found an agent that appears to stop metastasis in cancer cells. Basically, it keeps them from growing. So far the tests have only been conducted in mice, so we don’t know if there are any side effects that would make this a deal-killer.

You know I’m a fan of Michael Yon. This beautiful photo series was reprinted (with permission) on an Air Force site.

Ever wonder what’s so wrong with arrest quotas? This article, if true, about NY city’s practices should be pretty disturbing. Here’s a money quote.

One officer with the unit acknowledged the political pressure to juke the stats. “The mayor’s looking for it, the police commissioner’s looking for it…every commanding officer wants to show it,” he said. “So there’s motivation not to classify reports for the seven major crimes.”

Sometime when you’re at home and have a few minutes to play with something really cool, visit Sounds of Hamburg. This Flash site lets you compose music by cleverly using the random motions of pedestrians in public webcams. It’s a fun, cool, site. Obviously you’ll need sound to enjoy this site.

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