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02.25.10 | Comment?

A few weeks ago, the horror review site Flames Rising held a contest called “Tell Peter Straub Your Worst Nightmare“. Previously, FR had interviewed Straub about his latest book and allowed readers to submit their own questions. There’s something deeply personal about our dreams and nightmares, don’t you think? Sharing them with others means laying open the deepest parts of ourselves, which can be an extremely vulnerable feeling.  As difficult as it can be to share our dreams, there’s something even more personal about our nightmares. Maybe it’s because they move us on an even deeper emotional level.  Fortunately, most nightmares fade pretty quickly. I did recall a disturbing dream from many years ago that made an impact on me, so I submitted it to the contest.

I should mention that all of this is in conjunction with Straub promoting his new book, A Dark Matter. For those of you who like moving pictures, here’s a book trailer.

I’m a fan of Straub. I’ve read his Blue Rose books, Floating Dragon, Koko, Shadowland, and Ghost Story. Despite the rather lackluster trailer above, I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy A Dark Matter. Which brings me to the real reason for this post– to gloat! My entry was one of the winners in the contest, which means that I was sent a free copy of the hardback. Imagine my delight when FedEx(!) knocked on my door and handed me this thick envelope sporting a Random House return address label.

It's not exactly a giant crate with "Fragile" stamped on the side, but I'll take it.

And here's the book! I haven't actually started reading yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

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