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02.12.10 | Comment?

What ever happened to that guy who had the Flametoad blog?

I’m sorry for the long silence. Spare time has been at a premium, and I’ve been spending what little time I’ve had working on ETU. Quick update on that– it’s coming along well. We’re working on refining chapter 10 at the moment and we just have 3 more chapters to go.

Although it’s nothing you’re likely to notice, I used cpanel to block a repeat spammer’s IP address for the first time. I see from my Bad Behavior logs that it has been blocking harvestors and bots, but–more distressingly–attempts at SQL injection. I’m very thankful that the plugin is stopping them…but I can’t help but wonder about the ones it hasn’t. If you can read this post from a feed (such as at Livejournal, Facebook, your RSS reader, etc.) but are denied access to flametoad.com, please let me know!

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