Digging Out

04.01.10 | Comment?

Once upon a time, I had a profile on Digg using my standard username of Prest0. I even linked that account using Feedburner’s feed splice feature so that my “dugg” articles would appear in the Flametoad RSS feed. Then… I forgot all about it, and even forgot my password. Sometime later, Digg implemented authentication through Facebook. Using that method, I created a new identity not linked to Prest0. Unfortunately, I forgot to change the splice in Feedburner. The result was that eventually Digg released the Prest0 account as unused and someone else claimed it.

All of this is to explain why someone else’s Diggs have been appearing in my RSS feed, which in turn appear on Facebook. This has been fixed. Hopefully.

PS – I am extremely close to wrapping up several projects. At that time, daily Flametoad posts will resume. Please have a little more patience, and thank you for staying subscribed to the RSS feed.

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