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Solomon Kane

10.21.09 | 2 Comments

Oh yes!

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Comment by Neal
2009-10-22 09:53:12

I’ve been re-reading my collection of Solomon Kane stories and I’m amazed at the energy and power of those stories from the 1930s. If they manage to capture even a fraction of the strength in Howard’s writing, this will be an excellent movie on par with The Lord of the Rings (not something I say lightly).

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Comment by Kyle
2009-10-27 20:40:06

Oh hell yeah! I had high hopes for this one, and the trailer promises good things. I'd agree with the previous post. There is so much good stuff that Howard penned, no modern author can touch it. Read THE SOWERS OF THE THUNDER. I'd love to see more people write like this, but alas, it's truly a lost art.

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