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Halloween 2009 Weekend

11.03.09 | 2 Comments

Well, Halloween 2009 was a big weekend at Flametoad Manor. Starting with our family tradition of Saturday morning BBQ breakfast tacos, we quickly moved on to errands, home for a play date with one of Tadpole 1’s friends, and a low-key afternoon punctuated with pumpking carving and of course trick-or-treating. We had more than 100 kids come to our door, based on the amount of candy I handed out. This year I wanted to hand out something a little more unique, so I ordered a bunch of grape-flavored wax mustaches and gummie candy shaped like roadkill, sure to appeal to any 7 year-old’s funny bone. Mrs. Flametoad and I finished the night by watching Dusk Till Dawn, although I’ll admit we skipped to the part where the group showed up at the “biker bar”.

The next morning, I loaded up the kids and we drove to the Houston Zoo. Mrs. Flametoad regretfully skipped on this trip because the walk up and down the street did bad things for her broken toe. Walking all over a zoo just wasn’t in the cards. Despite the lack of Mommy, the tadpoles and I managed to have a great time. If you can’t see the photos below, you’re probably reading this on some third party site like Facebook. Just jump over to Flametoad.

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Comment by Kyle
2009-11-10 00:52:12

How the hell did she break her toe?

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Comment by Prest0
2009-11-10 02:01:16

Stubbed her foot while letting Petey out in the middle of the night.


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