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11.05.09 | Comment?

Dear Parent,

In reference to your request for the return of your childcare deposit, I am afraid we must decline. I know that this comes at a particularly difficult time, in light of your tragedy, and we genuinely do not wish to add to your pain. I must regretfully remind you that your letter of intent is a binding agreement, and it clearly states that the deposit is 100% non-refundable. I know this may come across as a heartless policy, but unfortunately if we returned the deposit or childcare tuition of every child stolen from its cradle by a witch, lured into the land of Faerie by traveling musicians, or turned into animals for naughty behavior–well, you can imagine how quickly we would be left near-destitute. As difficult as this may seem, I hope you will take this rejection as a sign to strengthen your resolve and reaffirm your hope. Surely if your precious child is as clever as you led us to believe during the interview, he will find a way to trick the witch into pouring a circle of salt around herself or perhaps push her into an oven. If this is the case, then rest assured that your unrefunded deposit continues to guarantee him a spot here in daycare.



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