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11.13.09 | 1 Comment

I was 9 years old when my parents took me to the movie theater in Gonzales (yes, the one and only theater) to see Clash of the Titans. I thought it was a pretty awesome movie at the time, but as an adult I never would have picked it for a remake. In fact, the mere thought that they would try merely underscored the whole problem with Hollywood’s lack of creativity. However, now that I’ve seen this teaser trailer, I may have to eat crow. This movie looks awesome!

It’s still possible that the plot will fall apart like wet paper and the acting be a form of remote torture, but it looks fantastic and I can hope that the plot and acting are just as good.

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1 Comment

Comment by Kyle
2009-11-18 22:08:52

Yeah, I'm kinda looking forward to this one. It looks good, but so did PLANET OF THE APES….

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