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08.05.08 | 1 Comment

If you’re sick to death of Star Wars, just skip this post.

Okay, those of you who are still with me… did you read that Lucas is re-re-re-releasing the original trilogy in 3D? I am torn between utter disgust at the blatent money-grubbing on Lucas’ part and self-loathing at my burning desire to see the Star Wars in 3D. I predict that the battle on Hoth would rock.

Speaking of Star Wars, I present to you a list of “10 Sexy Stormtroopers” [mild NSFW]. Personally I think they should have cut the list to 5 or maybe even 3.

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1 Comment

Comment by neal5x5
2008-08-11 16:01:01

Don’t forget the asteroid chase. That’s gonna leave a mark.

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