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Seen on the ‘Net IXX

06.21.07 | Comment?

Welcome to yet another episode of Flametoad’s “Seen on the Net”. Today we (that’s the imperial “we”, for those of you watching at home) bring you a pair of videos from Clip a Day.

First, a clever Adidas marketing stunt pays off. Two athletes (at least, you hope they’re athletes) are suspended from a billboard and play soccer in mid-air. As a marketing guy, I’d like to know the logistics behind this one. How long were the guys up there? Were fresh athletes rotated in periodically? How long could a person be expected to jump around (sideways) on a harness? If someone tried that in the US they’d probably be slapped with various OSHA lawsuits. Or an careless driver would sue Adidas for his fender-bender.

Next, you’ll want to see this clip of a helicopter picking up a boatload of Navy Seals. While the overall maneuver impresses me, mostly I’m blown away by the skill of the helicopter pilot. I don’t want to spoil it, but let’s just say that compensating for the extra weight taken on by the chopper isn’t something for a novice pilot.

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