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Writing Show Interview: First Impressions

07.31.06 | 5 Comments

My interview on The Writing Show was released today. I just finished listening to it, so here are my first impressions.

Man I sound like a dork.

Wow! I don’t remember saying that. I’m smarter than I thought.

That was “in a nutshell”? Just shut the heck up already!

God… I talk like William Shatner!

My deepest regret is not mentioning my partners by name. Ed, Jerry, TC, and Trey all deserve recognition.

I know I said things with which not all people will agree, and I probably said some things that’ll turn out to be inaccurate. That’s the nature of interviews and having to come up with answers on the fly. If there’s a next time (and I hope there is), I’ll be better with practice.

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Comment by Thomas
2006-07-31 16:05:55

They played a voicemail I left for ’em over at the Dragon’s Landing Inn podcast in episode 51 — now that’s what a dork sounds like.

Every time I hear my recorded voice, I keep thinking that’s not what I’m supposed to sound like.

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Comment by Prest0
2006-07-31 16:29:16

REALLY? I just listened to 51. Which question was yours?

Comment by Thomas
2006-08-01 16:37:47

I’m Thomas in Tucson — I suggested that gamers place dice on their workspaces to find other gamers at work.

Comment by Prest0
2006-08-02 14:07:03

I thought that was a good suggestion.

Comment by allister
2006-08-02 00:25:42

Hey, William Shatner has a very distinguished voice. A voice great enough to lead a Star Ship. I would be proud.

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