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GMS’s politics often don’t match with my own. In fact, I’ve come close to stopping reading his blog on a few occasions. But then he finds news like this and strings me along a while longer.

WASHINGTON — In an ironic twist, legislation that would open up the murky world of government contracting to public scrutiny has been derailed by a secret parliamentary maneuver.

An unidentified senator placed a “secret hold” on legislation introduced by Sens. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., and Barack Obama, D-Ill., that would create a searchable database of government contracts, grants, insurance, loans and financial assistance, worth $2.5 trillion last year. The database would bring transparency to federal spending and be as simple to use as conducting a Google search.

More at the Houston Chronicle. Our government at work, ladies and gentlemen.

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Comment by Kyle
2006-08-29 09:20:47

Every voter needs to have access to something like that. I wonder who blocked it? If they’re from Texas, I’ll never vote for them again. Period. In fact, I’ll do quite a bit to run them out of office.

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Comment by Jerry
2006-08-30 18:38:50

We need this to be brought out in the open. Contracts should be open to all taxpayers. Somebody needs to get fired.

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