Sex Sells III

06.22.06 | 6 Comments

Over in Europe, Ax deoderant is called Lynx. Over in Europe, they don’t have quite the prudish attitude toward sex that we in the States do. Over in Europe, this tv ad demonstrates that they have a healthy sense of humor.

Over in Europe they have nude beaches. That doesn’t have anything to do with the ad. I just thought I’d mention it.


Just to prove that sex isn’t the only thing that sells, I bring you… pizza. This is absolutely brilliant.

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Comment by Jerry
2006-06-22 12:25:15

So where do I get case? Damn!!!!

If it would have been in Germany they would have been nude. They had nude women on billboards all over Franffurt.

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Comment by Dirty Unicorn
2006-06-23 13:59:24

Woohoo I know where my next vacation is! I always wanted to see German… castles. ;)

Comment by Thomas
2006-06-22 13:50:49

You do know about the Big Ad, right? http://www.bigad.com.au/

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Comment by Prest0
2006-06-22 13:53:32

I don’t think I’ve seen it. What’s the download? Am I going to install spyware if I run it?

Comment by Dirty Unicorn
2006-06-23 13:58:28

I downloaded it and everything seemed kosher, but coincidentally my machine froze up… hmmm…

I’m sure it really was a coincidence, but any rate the ad is worth seeking out so find a spamfree link here:


Not sex, but a whole LOT of extras. Good stuff!

Comment by Prest0
2006-06-23 15:38:40

Thanks for the Youtube version. That was a pretty awesome ad. Although you know, women in swimsuits versus guys in raincoats…


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