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Seen on the ‘Net, part X

08.28.06 | 1 Comment

I know I’ve been posting a lot of “Seen on the Net” lately instead of anything original. It occurred to me this weekend that 10 years from now when the Tadpoles have become polywogs and are big enough to google the old toad, (“google the old toad” — that just seems like it should be a euphanism for something, doesn’t it? I’ll award a no-prize for the best suggestion.), will they want to read about Microsoft’s latest browser or what I was doing, thinking, feeling? I didn’t really start Flametoad as a journal for the little ones, but we all have to recoginze the long-term viability of our words on the ‘net.

But in the meantime, I give you a big damn wave.

Yes, this is real– not CGI. I’m pretty sure it comes from an IMAX movie called something like “Extreme”. I saw the documentary on PBS about the circumstances that came together in which A) these once-in-a-lifetime waves existed for one amazing day and B) an IMAX film crew happened to be in Hawaii filming for the Extreme movie.

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1 Comment

Comment by Jerry
2006-08-30 18:41:40

What a rush? Could you imagine it? Hoo boy!!!

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