Seen on the 'Net

Seen on the ‘Net, part VI

07.31.06 | Comment?

It’s confirmed. (Courtesy of eeknight.) We’re rearing a nation of wimps. It’s a long article, but it’s pretty interesting. It also validates things I’ve observed “in the wild”. You know what they say– the preacher’s kids are always the most rebellious. I know some kids who are probably going to go completely wild when they finally experience some freedom away from home. All of this is even more relevant to me as a parent of young children.

In other news, I’m sad to report the passing of author David Gemmel last Friday. His book Legend blew me away, and I now own about 16 of his books. He will be missed.

Finally, for those webmasters out there, idiotprogrammer has done some research for us on choosing fonts for the web.

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