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Seen on the Net, part V

07.26.06 | Comment?

First, as mentioned last night during gaming, I’d advise you to give careful consideration before registering a domain name. For instance, the Mole Station Native Nursery, based in New South Wales, probably should have reconsidered www.molestationnursery.com. For more ill-conceived domain names, visit Highmoon.

I started watching Rocketboom maybe a month before I even got my iPod, and I continued to watch it for a few months thereafter. It was a nice mixture of quirky, geeky news delivered by an attractive, geeky-girl-next-door host. However, I eventually unsubscribed because it was getting political more and more often and that just wasn’t what I’d found engaging about the show. So I was a bit surprised when I stumbled across the news today that Rocketboom’s attractive host, Amanda Congdon, is no longer with the show. One google search later led me to the dirt on the splitup. Rocketboom’s producer is apparently still driving the show with a new anchor, so presumably the content won’t be changing. Thus, I still won’t be watching.

Edit: And in advertising news, clothing store American Apparel has opened a virtual store in Second Life. Second Life is a virtual world similar to a MMORG like (World of Warcraft), except instead of combat and adventure it’s about creating an idealized version of the world we live in. In the AA’s virtual store, your avatar can walk around and try on or buy clothes (for about $1). Or apparently your Avatar purchase clothes for the real you. I’m guessing you conduct the transaction online and the clothes are shipped to you. This is another one of those quiet landmarks. A name-brand brick and morter business is 1) establishing a brand presence in a vitual world, 2) selling virtual items, and 3) selling real life items through a Second Life storefront. Smart move. (Follow the first link in this paragraph for screenshots.)

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