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Seen on the ‘Net, part IX

08.25.06 | 1 Comment

First, here’s an interesting article about just how unsecure mechanical locks really are. Apparently a simple pair of tools makes it so easy even an inexperienced 11 year old girl can open a lock on the first try.

Next, you might be interested to know that Internet Explorer 7 has moved from beta to release candidate. I may try to install it at home. What the heck.

I came across this interesting case of a Norman Rockwell forgery* and the strange circumstances in which the real painting was found. First read the story, then check out this page with photos and video of the cool secret wall in which the real paintings were hidden. Doesn’t look like it would be that difficult to build.

*Tell me if you think it looks like a “third rate forgery” to you. I never would have spotted the difference without the pictures being side by side. Maybe** I’m just an uncultured jerk.

**By “maybe”, I mean “I am”.

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Comment by Cray
2006-08-25 17:43:04

NOoooooooo…Oh ye Gods…NOooooooooooo IE7, IMHO, blows and sucks at the same time. Stik wit firefox and the ie extension. I’m worried about what people are going to thing when ALL of their familiarity with computers goes right out of the freaking window. And what’s worse, Microsoft is using their Borglike windows updates to push it out…you have to install a patch to prevent it from happening…
BTW, I had it in the beta, and it worked ok, but it is hard to navigate around in with strange, non-intuitive buttons…it has plenty of real estate, and I use it for those pages that have not conformed to the firefox ways…but, the tabs in FF are much better, the FF extensions are cool, morning coffee, ie tabs, forecast fox, etc…anyhoo, I wouldn’t recommend this “upgrade” unless you are just morbidly curious…

peace – c-ray

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