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Lucasfilm: The Search for More Money

05.04.06 | 4 Comments

Stepping back a moment, I suppose in all fairness Lucasfilm is in a no-win situation. They could either stand by their Han-shot-second revisionist version of the original Star Wars trilogy, or they could go back on their word and re-release the trilogy as originally shot. Well, let’s analyze this for a moment. Which option would get them more money? Thus, they are giving into fan demands and re-releasing 2-disc sets of each movie with both the new and old versions in each set. The fanboy in me thinks that’s actually pretty cool. The cynical adult, far removed from the kindergartner who first sat spellbound in a darkened theater watching robots and aliens duking it out, cringes at the idea of yet another edition of the movies.

In advertising news, I bring you two funny commercials. One is a car commercial found courtesy of Jeff, the other is a lottery commercial found on Advertising for Peanuts.

After my marathon tv watching I’ve found that I’m kinda burnt out. I find myself reaching for a book, instead. It may be another day or two before I watch more 24.

I just realized my links are out of date. When you get a chance, please visit Dark Pearls of Wisdom and Dirty Unicorn Games, who should have had permanent places in my link list long before now.

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Comment by Dirty Unicorn
2006-05-04 12:26:30

Oota Goota Solo?

Yeah I don’t think we need yet another edition, but I do like the option of grabbing them since they were my childhood favorites (ESB Rules!)

Lotto commercials were pretty good. It would be a blast to brainstorm ads like that. The funny stuff wins me over everytime ;)

PS – Thanks for the links! :)

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Comment by Kyle
2006-05-04 16:40:45

I’m down with this. I’ll be the first one in line if I can only get the original versions again, and pretend the unholy Greedo-shot-first scene never existed…..

Now, if Lucas will only go into the prequels, edit them and make them COOL, that would be a real accomplishment….

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Comment by DirtyUnicorn
2006-05-04 18:17:53

>Now, if Lucas will only go into the prequels, edit them
>and make them COOL, that would be a real accomplishment…

Well he would have to remove all that CGI and hire Dykstra back to make those awesome stop motion model battles we loved as kids.

Then he would have to let the actors actually… you know… act!

I just don’t think he has it in him. Too “hands on” heh ;)

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Comment by Kyle
2006-05-04 23:01:30

Acting?? In a Star Wars movie?? Perish the thought. Godzilla movies have better acting. By the guy in the rubber suit, no less. I agree, Lucas couldn’t allow something like that to happen. His ego would rise up and strangle him.

Don’t get me started on the whole cgi thing. Presto and I have discussed at length how cgi has ruined otherwise cool movies. I maintain that THE HOWLING and AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON have some of the best special effects of all time, and not one darn bit of it was cgi. Whereas, AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS has some of the worst special effects ever. CGI is cool when you don’t even know it’s there. Apparently, X3 is supposed to have some neat effects that you won’t even recognize as being special effects. We shall see.

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