Everything is Laundry

06.12.06 | 2 Comments

You’ll probably want to watch this video twice. Everything in it is laundry. It was a nice enough idea, but the execution is downright brilliant.

This work of art was found courtesy of Advertising for Peanuts.

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Comment by Jerry
2006-06-12 13:24:11

That was cool. I liked the clam(bra).

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Comment by DirtyUnicorn
2006-06-16 00:48:42

That is a really really cool commercial. I am so envious of stuff like this. Makes it seem like anything you cna imagine can be created in digital now – which is prolly true.

Though if it is then where the hell is my Star Frontiers movie??? They can have a mainstream sci-fi show with muppets for six seasons* and I can’t get one damn Vrusk or Yazirian? sheesh.

* disclaimer – I actually have no idea how many seasons Farscape has gone on, but it seems reasonable too assume around six… at least over the last six years I always seem to run across it at least once a week flipping through the channels. That and Andromeda… ewww.

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