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04.14.05 | Comment?

I guess it’s a sign of the times. In the 90s, the “thing” was to juggle multiple phone numbers: home phone, cell phone, pager, and so on. Now it’s multiple e-mail addresses. Those of you who were around for the first incarnation of Flametoad may remember my e-mail woes. I wanted a web-based e-mail client that would allow me to not only check mail from multiple accounts, but also let me send from those same accounts. Horde and Neo both come with my web hosting service, but both leave a lot to be desired. For one thing, they’re designed to only access a single account at a time. I kept holding out, hoping that one of my free accounts like yahoo or gmail would add the feature I needed. No such luck. So today I broke down and upgraded a paid yahoo account. I’ll have to slowly transition all my accounts and subscriptions over to the new account, but I have already set it up to check my 12 to midnight and flametoad accounts. That is going to be mighty nice. Finally I can log into a single place and check all my mail. AND, when I need to reply I can do so using the same account from which the mail originated. Yea me!

Because frankly, I never checked my Flametoad mail. The only mail I get from this blog is automatically generated mail notifying me that someone has left a comment (99% of the time it’s comment spam) or the typical spam we all have come to hate. No, I don’t want your herbal $exual enhancements, drug$, credit protection, or whatnot. I’m hoping that my Yahoo account will filter all that stuff out before it reaches me.

In other news, I finished watching The Village. I give it a passing score. Yes, the surprise ending wasn’t one. But that’s okay. I thought the acting was good and the first half of the movie built up some tingly suspense. Unfortunately, that momentum was lost when the story took a different direction and the suspense never climbed all the way back.

The word from the insurance company is that we’re not getting much cash from the theft claim. Stupid deductible. Fortunately, the replacement clause means we can replace the stolen items with new ones and they’ll replace them up to the depreciated value of the original items. It’s out of pocket money that will be reimbursed after we buy the replacements. Two of the items are easy, but I don’t know what we’re going to do about the TV. If we have to buy a new TV I’d like to get one that’s at least HD ready. But that’s spending double (at minimum) the amount the insurance company has allotted. We’ll see.

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