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12.02.05 | Comment?

A week or so ago, Rocketboom carried a clip about Zubbles— colored bubbles. I meant to blog about it but apparently never got around to it. Apparently, it’s a LOT harder to make than you’d think. Read about it here at Popular Science online. It’s a fascinating read. But as you’d expect, now that the dye technology has been developed we’ll almost certainly see an explosion of other uses. This brings to mind the thought that–just as was the case the first time around–we’d almost certainly see a similar explosion of spinoff technology were we to launch a coherant human space exploration program.

In other news, my buddy Simple American has written a short essay (an easy 2 minute read) on the history of the Christmas tree. Resist the secularization of the Christmas and don’t call it a “holiday tree”.

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