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04.20.05 | Comment?

Now that I’ve finished To Reign in Hell, it seems the floodgates have opened. I finished Crisscross in short order, and I’m about 20 pages into Dead to the World.

I’ve mostly finished layout for Modern Dispatch. Just a few tweeks before it’s done. If you like new monsters, you’re gonna like this issue. Now I need to start writing the next issue. I have a few ideas, but haven’t started yet.

AggieCon is this weekend, and 12 to Midnight are leading a panel and running some secret playtests. Come see us.

We got The Sting from Netflix the other day. In case you don’t follow the link, it’s an older (1973) movie with Robert Redford and Paul Newman. It’s about a pair con artists and the really big swindle they try to pull off, all set in 1930’s Chicago. It’s a classic and Kim has never seen it, so I thought it was time to educate her on one of the finest movies of the latter half of the 20th century.

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