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Outrage Fatigue: Domestic Surveillance

09.05.13 | Comment?

I think we as a country have surpassed the point of outrage fatigue. Our own government has lied to us–and even to our Congressional “oversight”–about the extent of domestic spying. By all rights we should be demanding resignations and immediate reforms. Instead, we complain on Facebook and nothing changes.

I suppose that’s the double-edged sword of social media. On one hand it lets us dramatically boost the signal, but on the other hand we spend our outrage in an echo chamber and leave nothing left for demanding real change from the people who matter.

5 Deceptions From Obama About NSA Surveillance – Reason.com.

That’s the only logical explanation. It also suggests bad news for our direction as a country. The rulers know that they can weather the outrage and continue doing whatever they want.

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