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10.10.13 | Comment?

True believers are waging the health care “debate” with religious fervor and it’s a fray that I’d just as soon not enter. There are no easy solutions and the sweeping generalizations made by each side are ridiculous. Please understand that I’m not trying to be inflammatory (despite the blog’s name) when I share this article at Reason.com that questions claims of savings that can be expected with Medicaid/Medicare expansion.

For some, whether to expand Medicaid in Virginia boils down to a choice between two propositions: (a) Government should do more to help the unfortunate, or (b) no, it shouldn’t.
If only it were that simple. Of course it isn’t — any more than whether to invade Iraq boiled down to a choice between (a) keeping nuclear weapons out of a dictator’s hands or (b) letting him have all he wanted.

via Medicaid Expansion Falters in Virginia – Reason.com.

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