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It’s Not Paranoia If It’s True

09.11.13 | Comment?

We reap what we sow.

They say the past is a different planet, but spring 2003 was a different universe. The Iraq War had begun. The congressional 9/11 Commission, after being slowed every step of the way by a defiant Bush administration, was only beginning to hold hearings 19 months after the attacks. And my main concern in alerting the feds about my correspondent was to make sure America’s defense wasn’t being needlessly jeopardized by a loose-cannon spouse. Surely my own government wouldn’t snoop petulantly—and illegally—into its citizens’ affairs?

Boy, was I stupid.

We now know that 2003 was the year the National Security Agency NSA opened up Room 641A at an AT&T building in San Francisco to tap into and analyze data flowing through the Internet backbone, even as then–Attorney General John Ashcroft was dismissing privacy objections to the PATRIOT Act as “baseless hysteria.”

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via Be Paranoid – Reason.com.

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