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Seen on the Net part XXII

07.24.09 | Comment?

I’m not entirely sure what the story is behind this, but undoubtedly there is one. Words fail me, but if you’re a fan of Frazetta (and who isn’t) then you’ll get a kick out of it. Or something. (via  Hell in a Handbasket)

Joint Forces Command is holding a video contest “Why Afghanistan Matters“.

[The contest] serves as an opportunity for those serving – or who have served – in Afghanistan, to explain why the work they are doing in Afghanistan is of such importance. The intent is to provide a “boots on the ground” perspective of the military mission in Afghanistan from the point of view of those most closely involved.

The ethanol we started adding to our gasoline a few years ago is destroying engines. Now the government is looking at upping the ratio from 10% to 15%. Why do I not trust these people with my health care?

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