Seen on the 'Net

Seen on the Net part XXI

06.23.09 | Comment?

It’s time for another random collection of shiny things that caught my eye on the internet!

How about a bird’s eye view?

Did you hear about tadpoles raining from the sky in Japan?

Or, here’s some interesting trivia. On-demand books published now exceed the number of traditionally published books. Even large houses are seeing the value of keeping their back catalogs alive through on-demand printing. It’s a brave new world for the printed word.

The Sky is Falling.

Have you heard of botnets? They are collectives of PCs that have been infected by malware,¬†that turns them into slaves for criminal organizations. In many instances the PC owners don’t even realize that their computer has been turned into a zombie. Modern botnets are constantly updating and next to impossible to stamp out. Yet, recently researchers¬†hijacked control of a botnet away from its criminal owners, and the results are both fascinating and frightening. This is definitely worth a read.

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