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01.07.09 | Comment?

Yesterday I read the news that LiveJournal lost almost half their employees in layoffs. According to the article, those who remain are finance and “operations workers”. I’ll admin that there was a period last year when I was overwhelmed by the amount of traffic on my Friends page. However, after taming that list to a more manageable level I actually became even more devoted to LiveJournal than I’d been before. Go figure.

LiveJournal isn’t a “social networking” site in the same way as Facebook or Twitter. It’s a blogging/journaling site that facilitates interaction among people using the same platform. To me, that allows a depth of communication that can’t be matched by a “wall post” or “twit”. As you well know, I have my own WordPress blog and domain name, and I have no intention of giving those up anytime soon. However, LiveJournal fills a different void for me. It isn’t about what I write, but the posts written by others and consolidated on my Friends page.

There are many of you on my Friends pagw whom I can only find here. There’s a good chance I don’t know your website or Facebook profile, or if you even have one. Here’s what I propose. If the worst were to happen and LJ went belly up, how about we have some sort of backup? While I’ve been panning Facebook, in my opinion it still trumps MySpace, has the benefit of already being used by a whole lot of people, and it’s free. If you’re already on there, add me as a friend. If you’re not…well, in the case of a disaster you might want to consider where you’ll evacuate.

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