Keep Those Sweet Tarts Out of Sight

04.21.09 | Comment?

I got on the scale the other day and was shocked to discover just how much weight I’d gained. I mean, I knew the pants were fitting tight, but damn. In your mind there’s a magic number that you always consider the upper limit. I’m 3 pounds above that. So yesterday I started back on the South Beach diet, which works pretty well for me. Well, that is, except for the maddening carb-cravings. Days one and two aren’t too bad, but later this week I recommend you stand back. If I think you’ve been snacking on sweets I might just decide you’re looking a bit too tasty.

In other news, 12 to Midnight is working on a fun, new project related to ETU. We’ll be releasing it later this week. Best of all? It’s free.

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