Cut Off

01.27.09 | Comment?

I lost my cell phone yesterday evening, and it’s already driving me crazy. I had it on the way to pick up Tadpole 1 from kindergarten, and noticed it missing once I’d been home for a couple hours. It’s not in the truck and we can’t hear it ring in the house when we call it. I probably either sat it down when I was signing out the tadpole, or it fell off my belt in the parking lot.

It’s funny how much you take things for granted, but that phone is my lifeline to the world. It’s like my external telepathy device. I instantly know when I get an e-mail or a text message. It lets me communicate with people across town or across the country. I frequently use it to check weather conditions. It’s also my interface for music and tv. Oh, and sometimes I make calls on it too. In fact, Mrs. Flametoad and I don’t have land lines to the house anymore. Our cell phones are our only phones.

I really hope it turns up in the lost and found box this afternoon. If not, I guess I’ll be out another $300 I can’t really afford. (If I could, I’d own an X-box 360.) In the meantime though, don’t bother calling.

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