We’re Number 2

08.07.08 | 1 Comment

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, in August 2006 China outpaced the US as the leading producer of carbon dioxide emissions. Yay for not being the biggest contirubutor to global warming!

… unless we’re really in a cycle of global cooling being offset by greenhouse gasses, as some believe. If that’s the case then we’d better start making more hot air!

Then again, when it comes to climatology, there’s there’s no shortage of hot air. I’m not sure at what point we started taking these guys seriously. They use computer models that aren’t sophisticated enough to keep up with the complex system we live in. It seems like every six months climatologists revise their estimates based on “startling results from new computer models”. They can’t accurately predict how many hurricanes we’ll have in a season or the weather six months from now, but we’re taking their word on what our climate will be like decades from now? Global warming, global cooling, global waffling. All that climatologists can agree on is that our climate never stays the same for long.

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1 Comment

Comment by Ed Healy
2008-08-07 06:07:55

Hey Chicken Little, didn’t get the news? The sky is falling.

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