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Tis the Season

12.16.08 | Comment?

This past weekend Flametoad Manor continued what has become an annual tradition–the gamer’s Christmas party. We had 15 adults and 11 kids gathered in a fun evening and eating, socializing, eating, playing Guitar Hero, eating, and eating. I don’t get to see the crew regularly since taking my gaming sabbatical, so it’s always great getting to visit with everyone. I wish I’d taken pictures, but I was too busy having fun to remember until the night was over. It was a wonderful evening of Christmas fellowship.

Sunday I picked up the third book in the Dresden Files series, Grave Peril. I’ve read maybe six chapters, but now I’ve managed to misplace it. Tonight after my monthly church vestry meeting I’ll have to go on a book hunt. Ed gave me Stephan King’s On Writing, and I ordered a used copy of Orson Scott Card’s Characters & Viewpoint, but I feel like I need to recharge my creative batteries with some fiction before diving into instructional nonfiction.

Went to the doctor yesterday afternoon. I may write about that later in the week. I also want to write a post about how much I hate the the new trend of college kids putting spacers in their ears. Bleauch!

For the two or three of you who use WordPress, you may be interested to know that the awesome Admin Drop Down Menu plugin has already been updated to work with the newly released WordPress 2.7.

The first round of Christmas cards went out yesterday. We ordered extra cards, so if you’re not on our list yet but would like to be, shoot me an e-mail with your address.

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