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08.29.08 | 1 Comment

Yes, I know the TV show Journeyman, about an unwilling time traveler, was canceled. However, due to A) having a second job called 12 to Midnight that severely restricts my tv-watching time, and B) the magic of Tivo, I’m doing a little time traveling of my own. Future-me is working my way through this series recorded with commercials from last Fall. Actually, not only do I have Tivo to thank for the time travel, but also my iPhone. I bring the episode over the wireless network from the Tivo box to my desktop PC, where I convert it to play on iPod/iPhone. Over the last month I’ve watched more TV at the gym on the elliptical machine than I have at home.

Damn Journeyman was a good show. It’s one of those that started well, but then just kept getting better and better. I just watched the 4th to last episode, Blowback, and it was awesome. It really stinks that the studio didn’t give the show more of a chance to find an audience. Maybe I would have eventually caught up with live episodes. :) I don’t want to spoil anything about the series to you, just in case some fellow time travelers still haven’t finished watching it either.

I’ve already gotten caught up on How I Met Your Mother. After I finish Journeyman, I need to catch up on Reaper, My Name is Earl, and another little canceled series called Pushing Daiseys. I’m going to be healthy as a horse by the time I finish watching all these shows!

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1 Comment

Comment by Kyle
2008-08-29 09:39:20

FIREFLY redeux.

If the show is more cerebral than FRIENDS, most of the sheep out there aren’t going to get it.

For real entertainment…THE SHIELD’s final season begins next week. Awesome show.

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