The Convergence Has Begun

07.11.08 | Comment?

Finally technology has begun to converge in the way we’ve been promised for the last 20 years.

I don’t watch a lot of tv these days. My evenings are usually spent with the family or online. I have a Tivo that catches the few shows I do watch though, so I’m not a slave to the tv schedule. Unfortunately, I’ve found that the Tivo allows me to procrastinate, and I’ve still got unwatched episodes of shows from last Fall. However, I’ve finally figured out a solution.

I shelled out the $25 to buy the Tivo desktop “pro” software, which lets me pull episodes off my Tivo onto the PC and convert them for play on my iPhone. Now I can get caught up by watching some of my shows during some of my workouts at the gym!

Oh, and I have the iPhone 2.0 update, but I haven’t had a chance to play with it much yet. Even for my non-GPS enabled phone, the map pinpointing has improved.

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