Robber Kills Self in Hold-Up

06.20.08 | 1 Comment

From an entertainment standpoint, there’s something enticing by the idea of a clever criminal. We could blame it on “the media”, but it’s certainly not a new phenomonon. Remember that Sherlock Holmes matched wits with some of England’s most cunning evil-doers, and one can easily draw on dozens of other early literary references. Today we simply carry on the tradition. Just remember that the image is mostly a myth.

Sands kicked in the door of the house and then shot himself in the abdomen while trying to pull a gun out of his pants, Grand Prairie police said. Sands then dropped the gun and ran from the home, making it as far as the driveway before he collapsed.

Read the whole AP news article here. If you’re further interested in the criminal mind, Cerebralmisfire is a prosecutor who seen more than his share of the criminal element and has a few things to say on the subject.

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1 Comment

Comment by Kyle
2008-06-20 09:58:43

….but they just amaze me with their stupidity, no matter how much I see it.

This really ties into my working hypothesis that most crimes are drug-related, these days.

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