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If you live in America and aren’t already sick to death of politics, my buddy and co-conspirator at 12 to Midnight, Ed Wetterman, has been doing something kinda neat on his blog. He spent a week visiting the websites of all the candidates for the primaries (Republican and Democrat) and posting brief profiles about where the candidates stand with regard to five issues.

After a week of unbiased reporting on each candidate, this week he has been taking one issue a day and comparing each candidate’s position. This is where the gloves came off and he freely spoke his mind about each candidate and the issues. Even while badmouthing some candidates, he has been remarkably fair. Witness Monday’s post about health care reform. After comparing the candidates’ positions, he concluded that despite being a die-hard conservative, he most closely matched Hillary Clinton on that particular issue.

For something a bit lighter, the way-cool Wondermark webcomic has something to say about the political process.

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