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02.18.08 | 1 Comment

Grace awaiting the ENT specialist.

Tadpole 2 underwent outpatient surgery last Friday to have tubes inserted in her ears. She’s had more than 7 ear infections in the last year, and the most recent one was ongoing for more than a month and hadn’t responded to three different rounds of antibiotic.

Within a few hours Friday morning, she’d shrugged off the surgery and was back to her old self.  By Sunday, she was back to her old self– the sweet little princess whom I’d almost forgotten existed. We’ve been dealing with the emotional, hair-trigger, bad-tempered toddler for so long that now that she’s back to normal it almost feels as if they swapped out her personality while she was in surgery.

Sometimes when things get bad and stay bad, we forget what it’s like when things are right. It’s easy to keep plodding along, taking what’s thrown at us and stubbornly persevering. It may even feel like a virtue –that you’re able to endure hardships like a modern-day Lot. It’s baloney. God doesn’t want us to be miserable. Rather than continuing to endure the the pain, treat the root of the problem. Maybe you’ll experience the kind of transformation we did last weekend.

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1 Comment

Comment by Landon Gregory
2008-02-20 11:47:19

Glad she is feeling better!

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