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No Autographs, Please

03.24.08 | Comment?

 I don’t think I’ve mentioned this here yet, but this coming weekend I’m one of the RPG guests for AggieCon. This isn’t a particularly amazing feat, since A) I’ve been publishing RPGs with 12 to Midnight for 5 years now, B) the convention is practically out my back door, and C) it’s a regional con so there’s more room for little guys like me. AggieCon is the oldest student-run convention in the country, and it’s held in College Station, Texas. If you live anywhere in the region (I’m looking at you, Idiotprogrammer), I encourage you to come on by. I’m scheduled for three panel discussions, as follows:

  • Friday: 3 pm – Archetypes vs. Stereotypes
  • Saturday: Noon – Breaking into the RPG Business
  • Saturday 2 pm – Elements of Horror

They had me scheduled for time at the autograph table, but I felt compelled to turn that down. I have no interest in subjecting myself to 2 hours of sitting at a table with two other authors while practicing my "bored indifference" expression. Ain’t nobody wants my autograph. When I write and sell my first novel, then maybe I’ll sit at a table and be ignored by readers who have never heard of me.

Anyway, I think it would totally rock to meet some fellow Texans who read this blog or are in the e-publishing biz. If you think you’re going to be at AggieCon, please leave a comment on this post and we’ll see about meeting up.

This week is likely to be an interesting week. In addition to the approaching convention, Mrs. Flametoad is going to be out of town on business toward the end of the week. You know what that means! Ladies, if I’m mistaken and I do have any female fans between the ages of 18 and 26, I wouldn’t mind going out this week. So… yeah, if you could watch my kids for me for a few hours, that would be great.

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