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All’s Well

12.02.08 | Comment?

First, an update on the great Thanksgiving drywall disaster of ’08. The HVAC folks sent someone out Monday morning to look over the laundry room. He called his boss and got approval to have somone they contract with to come out and fix the sheet rock that was damaged as a result of the condensation dripping from the attic. No fuss, no hassle. Assuming the contractor follows through, I have to say I’m pleased by how well Climate Masters has treated us.

In other news, the Ebay auction for an authentic Pinebox, Texas death certificate is now live. Bid on this rare memoribilia and support autism research via the Midnight Charity Project. I’m also working on a new release, Preston’s Midnight Tales, which is a Savaged compiliation of the two adventure outlines I wrote for the Modern Dispatch e-zine. Through the month of December we’ll be donating the profits from that title to the Autism Research Institute. The PDF is mostly done. I’m just getting Ed’s help in statting out some of the NPCs.

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