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10.23.08 | 4 Comments

In less than a week I’ve managed to pretty seriously piss off three people. That’s a normal day’s work for some people, but usually because they’re trying. I’m not like that, so for me this has got to be some kind of record.  It isn’t as if I’m trying to piss people off or purposefully blowing off someone’s’ feelings. Mrs. Flametoad gently pointed out that the first one or two you can shrug off as being mostly about them. But by the time you get to number three, you pretty much gotta admit that you’re doing something wrong. And that’s just the ones who were honest enough to tell me they were unhappy. I kinda wonder how many are under the iceberg’s tip.

I’m ready for this week to be over.

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Comment by jason
2008-10-23 08:39:22

I wouldn’t worry until people are lining up to hate you. Read today’s OOTS, think about high school. It will be okay.

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Comment by Kyle
2008-10-23 08:58:13

I’ve known you my whole life. I do not buy for a minute that it’s your fault. I disagree completely with Ms. Flametoad.

Doing the right thing, living by your convictions, and living the way you’re supposed to draws ire and enemies. As long as you’re living the way you’re supposed to, and doing the things that you’re supposed to, you’ll draw some enemies determined to make you steer from that path. Not that you shouldn’t examine your actions. If you’re living wrong, and you know what I’m talking about, then maybe you work on it. I do not buy that for a second, though. I know you far too well.

But if you’re right, and you KNOW you’re right, then it’s somebody else’s problem, and you shouldn’t for a minute get steered from your course. Critics be damned. Just make sure you’re righteous. If you are, let them be pissed off.

I learned a new approrpiate military acronym for this situation: FIDO. “F*@k it, drive on……”

Drive on, brother. We got your back.

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Comment by Prest0
2008-10-23 10:00:44

Thanks man. It isn’t so much that the decisions were bad as the way I went about making them in a vacuum. I made some decisions that affect other people without bothering to get their input. It was discourteous at the minimum and insulting at the far end. I’m a problem solver, so it’s pretty easy for me to get fixated on the probelm in front of me without stopping to consider the emotional impact. I would damn well want a say in something that’s going to affect me, but I haven’t been extending that courtesy to the extent that I should be.

Comment by Ed Wetterman
2008-10-23 15:38:30

Things happen in life. I’m pretty certain I’m one of the one’s your speaking about, but let it go. Disagreements are part of life. The good thing is we are friends so it’s all water under the bridge. You are a great friend and a good person, so don’t sweat it.

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