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04.18.08 | Comment?

Among other notable historic events, the year 1692 was the year of the Salem Witch trials. Now you can read an account of the trials in blog form. From the site:

This is a blog about synchronicity. It is an account of several notable events that took place in the Western Hemisphere during the year 1692, giving a day-by-day description of every little occurrence within each of these events that was recorded in a form that has survived to the present day. The idea behind it is to give a sense for what was happening at the same time in different places during a very tumultuous and eventful year for the European colonies in America.

The most important and best-documented events of 1692 in America were the Salem witch trials and the reconquest of New Mexico.

The link points to the About page because I think it’s a good idea to get some context before jumping in and reading the posts. Enjoy. (Via Sillybean.)

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