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WWN, We’ll Miss You

08.27.07 | 1 Comment

What non-living-in-a-remote-mountain-fortress American hasn’t spent time enjoying the tabloid headlines as they wait in line at the grocery store checkout? From the latest celebrity gossip to “Men Reveal Top 10 Secrets for Keeping Them in Bed” (a tv remote and empty bladder are probably numbers 5 and 6), the tabloids have long catered to their captive audiences. Sometimes they’ve probably been the only thing preventing open revolt from slow lines and moronic customers.

Unfortunately, I’m here today to report that my favorite such tabloid–the Weekly World News –has published its last issue. Truly this should be marked as a loss for American literature. How many times have I reveled in the adventures of the Bat Boy ? How else will I keep up with Bigfoot’s frequent appearances? How else can I learn about “the world’s fattest…”?

Even though it’s not quite the same, we can at least take consolation that the WWN website remains. Thanks to Salon.com, for tipping me off to this news via one former WWN writer’s tribute .

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1 Comment

Comment by neal5x5
2007-08-27 13:47:29

It’s highly disturbing when a periodical like WWN can’t make it in the competetive news business. I personally blame the fact that most newspapers and investigative reporting is not on par with WWN. I too will miss Bat Boy, the White House alien visits, and Satans face appearing in clouds and on potatoe chips.

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