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03.23.07 | 2 Comments

A couple months back I came across a link to an amazing video of a touch-screen that could manipulate data in much the same way we’re used to seeing in sci-fi movies like Star Trek. As much as I was fascinated by it, I didn’t post it because, quite frankly, I thought it was a fraud. The video was set in a darkened room and was set to music. The interface, and computing power behind it, was so impressive that it looked like something created on a green-screen. Today I was forwarded a link to a video taken at some sort of trade show demonstrating the same technology. So here it is–the future of computer interface.

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Comment by Matt
2007-03-23 18:45:27

I want one!

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Comment by Cray
2007-03-26 21:37:13

two things-

1) I’m too lazy to stand up and work the computer

2) Lay it flat and you have one heckuva gaming table.

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